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Best Camping and Caravanning Spots for the Easter Holidays

February 15, 2024
Best Camping and Caravanning Spots for the Easter Holidays

Easter holidays are always something to look forward to despite the cooling weather.

Since it’s celebrated during the four-day long weekend it’s a great time to go on a fun camping trip with family or friends!

Camping and caravanning spots are aplenty but here are just a small smattering of our top picks so let’s dive right in.


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Lake Arragan at the Yuraygir National Park - New South Wales

Lake Arragan is about 50 minutes northeast of Grafton and the perfect camping spot as it offers both a lakeside and beachside experience.

It’s a great place for surfing, fishing, kayaking, swimming, hiking and bird watching. You’ll most likely encounter sea eagles, fairy-wrens, coastal emus, and yellow-tailed black cockatoos in the area.

There are plenty of campsites to stay in for campers and caravanners and they provide well-maintained amenities such as picnic tables, toilets, BBQ facilities, and potable water.

Don’t forget to keep yourself warm by ensuring your caravan has a fully operational heater.


When setting up camp, always keep the campfire burning to ward off the autumn cold while enjoying some quick camping fire recipes with the family.


The Grampians National Park - Victoria

The Grampians is the perfect paradise for hikers and nature lovers. It has moderate to challenging trails for amateur and experienced adventurers.

Just be sure to bundle up with your ideal hiking apparel such as jackets and shoes to keep you warm and comfortable.


Be captivated by the lush forests, striking rock formations, and scenic, inspiring views.

Easter holidays are the best time to visit because of the cool weather and blooming wildflowers. You may also have encounters with wallabies, emus, native birds, and even kangaroos.

Hiking to Mount William, the highest peak in the Grampians is very rewarding, and experienced hikers should try the iconic Grampians Peak Trail, The Fortress, and Mt. Thackeray Overnight Hike.

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You could also go fishing, canoeing, or kayaking at Lake Wartook or Lake Bellfield and visit the Brambuk National Park and Cultural Center to see ancient aboriginal rock art paintings and shelters.

Make sure that you bring along your camping and 4WD packing essentials for a more enjoyable trip. Also, ensure that you have a trustworthy and durable camping tent and compact sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep.


Springbrook National Park - Queensland

Springbrook is part of the World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforest and is made up of serene rainforests and stunning waterfalls. Marvel at the ancient vegetation which can be accessed by the Natural Bridge trail and take a quick dip at the rock pools in the Twin Falls Circuit.

Get a little adventurous by exploring Purling Brook Falls which can be accessed by a suspension bridge.

There are walking holiday packages that you can avail of if you’re a serious hiker and you can pass waterfalls and cross creeks as well as fresh rock pools along the way.

While hiking, you can enjoy watching the birds such as the rare Albert’s Lyrebird, and a close encounter with wallabies and pademelons.

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Lake Leschenaultia - Western Australia

This must-visit camping spot is just an hour away from Perth. It’s a man-made lake that used to be a railway dam for the Eastern Railway in the early 19th century but was transformed into a recreation spot for locals.

It offers mountain bike and walking trails and if you’re into water sports you can go swimming, canoeing, or stand-up paddle boarding around the lake.


It has about 23 sites with facilities such as playgrounds, barbecue areas, toilets, and kiosks.

Those with caravans have designated campsites while some are only for camping tents. The camping sites are powered but it’s best to bring along solar panels just to be sure. Refer to this earlier article, A Comprehensive Guide on Solar Panels for some helpful information.


Mount Gambier - South Australia

This popular camping retreat has caves, volcanoes, lakes, and vibrant wildlife.

Be captivated by the light show at the Cave Gardens, visit the Engelbrecht Caves, and laze in the waters of Valley Lake.

You could also indulge in water sports and hobnob with the koalas in its conservation zone.

For daring adventurers, explore the Umphertone Sinkhole and take some time to chill with the friendly possums. Read on and discover more in this earlier article about the 7 Reasons to Visit Mt. Gambier.


Cradle Mountain - Tasmania

This well-known camping refuge boasts pristine lakes, wilderness straight from a storybook, and scenic mountain peaks.

It provides an immersive adventure of a lifetime and has campsites, caravan parks, and luxurious cottages. See to it that your caravan is well equipped with a heating system if the temperature drops down.


Also, check out this earlier article, A Guide to Buying a Caravan Hot Water System for more useful tips.

If you’re into hiking you could avail of free camping sites and the Overland Track is a six-day one-way hike.

For a spectacular view of the mountain, head to Lake St. Clair which has a tranquil and ethereal vibe and campers can take advantage of the numerous walking trails.

Alpine lakes also dot the entire landscape and feast your eyes on the lush greeneries and wildlife within the visitor areas. Autumn is a great time to visit as it’s glowing golden when Fagus or Beech trees above Dove Lake change colors.

To wrap it up

There you have it, our top picks for the best camping and caravanning spots for the Easter holidays!

If you prefer to locate yourself in a caravan park, make sure you check ECC Parks which has parks across Australia and New Zealand.

They’re great avenues for a quick weekend getaway where you can bask in the wonders of nature while in the company of people who matter the most.

So, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags now for that unforgettable camping holiday of a lifetime and don’t forget to shop at the Everything Caravan and Camping Marketplace for all your caravan, camping, and 4WD needs.

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