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A Guide To Buying A Caravan Hot Water System

August 22, 2022
A Guide To Buying A Caravan Hot Water System

We all like having the luxury of hot water when we go camping and caravanning. A rainy afternoon after a long bush walk can leave us craving the instant joy that a hot shower or hot cup of soup brings. With so many hot water systems on the market, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to choose the right hot water system for your caravan or RV. That is why we have written this guide to buying a caravan and RV hot water system.

What Types Of Caravan And RV Hot Water Systems Are There?

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas is ideal if you know you won’t always have access to electricity. Instant, gas-only hot water systems are popular and simple to use. They do require a 12V connection to ignite the burner. You will need to ensure adequate ventilation is in place as gas hot water systems can cause condensation. Gas hot water heaters are ideal for free camping, outback travel, and those who spend a significant amount of time on the road.

Pros Of Gas Water Heaters:

  • Not electricity reliant
  • Low energy cost because (doesn’t require solar setup or batteries)
  • Heats water rapidly

Cons Of Gas Water Heaters:

  • Can cause condensation
  • Requires a steady flow of clean water.
  • You need a hot water gas service to maintain it.

Electric Hot Water Systems

A caravan electric hot water system is powered by electricity. It instantly heats water as it passes through the tap. If you are willing to invest in battery setups and solar panels, then you can benefit from having an electric hot water system for your caravan.

Pros Of An Electric Hot Water System:

  • Convenient hot water straight from the tap.
  • It is water-efficient because it heats water only when needed
  • As long as you have electric power, hot water will be available.

Cons Of An Electric Hot Water System:

  • Electric connection or battery power is required.
  • You need to invest in caravan solar panels or battery setup.
  • The availability of hot water may be limited to planned trips and powered caravan parks, not during outback travels.
  • May take some time for water to heat up from the time you turned it on.

Gas And Electric-Powered Hot Water Systems.

When a caravan hot water system combines both gas and electricity to heat the water, you have a combination system. If you cannot afford to buy a solar panel or batteries at this time, you can still enjoy hot baths and warm water for washing by running your heater on gas. When you want to invest in solar panels or battery setups, you’ll be able to use the same water heater and have a consistent flow of warm water when connected to electric power.

Heating And Hot Water In One: Truma Combi Heaters

Truma Combi heaters combine two functions in one appliance. They warm the living area and heat water in the integrated stainless steel tank. Depending on the model, Combi heaters can be used in gas, electric, diesel or mixed mode.


Pros Of Gas & Electric Caravan Hot Water Systems.

  • You may be able to use this and have available hot water even in unpowered sites and during outback travels.
  • You don’t need to invest in solar panels or batteries if you’re not yet ready because it can function using gas cylinders.
  • You can still use it when you’re ready to upgrade because it remains compatible.
  • You can enjoy a continuous flow of hot water using the electric mode.

Cons Of Gas & Electric Caravan Hot Water Systems.

  • It may be pricier than the gas-only or electric-only hot water system.

What Caravan Water Heating Systems Give Instant Hot Water?

The best water heater system gives you a constant and immediate supply of hot water to your desired temperature with its remote-control digital display. You don’t have to mix up the cold and hot water and have peace of mind knowing that the temperature is perfect even for the kids.

Truma Aqua Go Instant, constant, endless – Truma has developed a new generation of instant water heaters that are perfectly balanced to enhance the comfort of RV drivers. Customers whose vehicles are equipped with the Truma AquaGo water heater will have a comfortable water temperature while enjoying an unlimited supply of hot water without the risk of scalding. Truma AquaGo is the only instant water heater that utilises hybrid technology with a patent pending temperature stabiliser. Users can adjust temperatures like at home: when showering, a constant hot water temperature is maintained even after the water is turned off, then back on again – no more scalding.

This makes the Truma AquaGo instant water heater special.

Thanks to microprocessor-controlled stepless burner management, Truma AquaGo water heater always delivers a constant water temperature, even at high and low flow rates and varying inlet water temperatures. The integrated water diverter eliminates water strains on the vehicle exterior. A reusable filter cartridge reduces scale particulates. * Intuitive operation, like at home * Simple maintenance with "Easy Drain Lever" * Can be used even during freezing temperatures


Affordable Caravan Hot Water Systems That Heat Water In Short Space Of Time

In the Truma UltraRapid hot water system a powerful gas burner heats the water in your RV within a short time. The hot water system has excellent insulation to ensure that almost no heat is lost. If the water temperature drops, the electronics in UltraRapid reignite automatically. Set your desired water temperature conveniently on the control unit. UltraRapid Gas runs independently of a power supply. UltraRapid Gas / Electric has an additional electric heating element. In mixed mode, the water heats faster. When the water is hot, you can take a long shower with ample time to soap yourself. When the Truma UltraRapid Gas water heater is running, water is continuously reheated while you’re showering. This means that a second person can shower immediately afterwards.

  • Only JG connections for easier and faster installation
  • Safety ensured with electronic control components and overpressure valve
  • Straight water connections for easy, faster assembly of elbow fittings
  • All pressure or immersion pumps up to 2.8 bar can be used to operate the hot water system



The best type of caravan hot water system depends on your budget and desire for instant hot water. Those who prefer to go on outback travels and are on a low budget would choose the gas-only water heater, while those who want a steady flow of hot water straight from the tap would opt for the electric hot water system.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of both gas-only and electric water heaters, then it’s best to invest in a caravan hot water system that’s powered by both gas and electricity. You won’t miss out on hot water due to lack of electricity or unpowered caravan sites. Most of all, gas and electric hot water systems allow an easier and inexpensive future upgrade to your caravan.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your Gas and/or Electrical hot water system IS installed and serviced by a licensed gas fitter.

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