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Essential Camping & Caravan Must-Haves for a Comfortable Camping Trip

January 31, 2023
Essential Camping & Caravan Must-Haves for a Comfortable Camping Trip

Caravanning and Camping are fantastic opportunities to immerse yourself in the great outdoors; however, ensuring you have the right camping essentials can be the difference between an average adventure and a great one.

There are innumerable must-haves to consider in order to make the trip as enjoyable and convenient as possible, ranging from necessities such as first aid kits and cooking supplies to creature comforts such as generators and portable toilets.

With so many must-have accessories available on Everything Caravan & Camping, deciding which ones to purchase and bring can be challenging. That's why we've gathered a list of some of the top Caravan and Camping must-haves to give you an idea of the items that will make your adventure a little more comfortable.

Water Tank

Going on a caravan trip without a water tank would be like riding a bike without wheels – not quite the adventure you had imagined. Don't worry; finding must-have caravan accessories for your journey is easy. Simply assess the size and weight of the tank, its capacity to store fresh water, and compatibility with your plumbing system.

With the right holder and all the necessary fittings, you can ensure your caravan has a reliable source of freshwater for all your needs – leave the worries of where you'll find clean water behind so you can focus on having an enjoyable trip.



A fridge/freezer is another must-have accessory when venturing out on the open road in a caravan. You no longer have to worry about spoilt food or warm drinks because this appliance can store food, cool beverages, and even freeze items if necessary.

However, when purchasing one of these caravan accessories, you have several options: 3-way (12V DC, 240V AC & gas), 2-way (12V DC & 240V AC), or compressor fridges (12V DC & 240V AC). So, what should you be on the lookout for?

Consider size and energy efficiency factors, but pay attention to the most important one: weight capacity. After all, no one wants to spend their vacation dragging that hulking beast around.

Camp Stove, Pots & Pans

A portable camp stove, pots, and pans should always be at the top of your list. A camp stove offers convenience, efficiency, and the ability to cook without relying on campfires or public grills.

Consider material (e.g., aluminium, steel, or ceramic), size, and weight when selecting pots and pans for your adventure to ensure meals can be cooked comfortably and conveniently during your caravan trip.

With a quality camp stove and cookware, you'll be ready to create camping memories that will last a lifetime.



A must-have caravan accessory, an awning can offer much more than sun and rain protection. Whether you're looking for extra living space or a way to stay safe from the elements, an awning will hit the spot.

All your camping needs will be covered with a vast range of sizes and styles, including manual and automatic options, as well as additional features like lights and side panels.

So don't leave home without one – because there's no better accessory than an awning for sheltered comfort while out in the great outdoors.


A tent provides a light weight and portable and convenient shelter from unpredictable weather and overnight stays. There are a variety of different types of tents, such as pop-up tents, dome tents, and tunnel tents, that cater to various sizes with differing weights and assembling times.

When deciding which tent to use, reflect on its size, weight, and setup time before purchasing it so that you're comfortable when camping. After all, having a tent ensures you always have somewhere snuggle up to lay your head while out on the road.


Remember to get a portable sink, which is a must-have accessory! Wherever life takes you on your road trips, this lightweight and simple-to-install sink comes in handy for maintaining basic hygiene while saving time and energy during meal preparation.

Portable sinks are available in various sizes and styles, so you can find one that meets the specific requirements of your setup. And depending on the model, there may even be hot water support, ensuring that you always have a convenient home away from home.

So, before you embark on your next adventure, make a portable sink part of your must-have list.

Sleeping Bags & Camping Mattresses


A quality sleeping bag and a camping mattress are must-have accessories for a good night's sleep, whether heading into the bush, riverside or just spending the night in your caravan. If a thoughtful combination of warmth, protection, cushioning, and insulation sounds like blissful necessities for any camping trip, you've come to the right place.

There are numerous options available on the market, ranging from lightweight and comfortable sleeping bags to insulated mattresses of various shapes and sizes with temperature ratings suitable for all climates.

When choosing, you can be confident that both will keep you comfortably warm during your nights away when you pay attention to temperature ratings, size, weight, thickness, and insulation.

Chairs & Tables

Having chairs and tables is an absolute must when going on a camping or caravan trip! From portable sets for dining outside to more rugged chairs for lounging, the options available can make your experience in the bush comfortable and stylish.

Foldable chairs and tables allow you to conserve space in your vehicle or caravan. Lightweight materials can be easily carried around and stowed away, while sturdy furniture stands up to all weather conditions.

When shopping around for these must-have accessories, consider factors like weight, size, sturdiness, and output every time – remember, a fashion parade awaits at your next roadside stop.

Portable Generator

Portable generators can be an essential caravan trip accessory, providing an unfailing power source for whatever appliances or electronics you require. A portable generator is invaluable when running a laptop away from the city centre or cranking up the air conditioning on a hot summer day.

Furthermore, they are available in various sizes and capacities. You can choose between gasoline and propane-powered generators based on your budget and preferences.

Simply put, portable generators will improve the comfort and convenience of your next caravan trip.

Solar Panel

A solar panel is a renewable energy source that can power lights, appliances, and electronics while on a camping or caravan trip. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional portable generators.

Solar panels come in a range of sizes and capacities, with options for both portable and mounted panels. When choosing a solar panel for your 4WD or caravan, consider factors such as size, power output, and compatibility with your appliances.

A solar panel can help reduce your carbon footprint while providing a reliable power source for your camping or caravan trip.

Portable Toilet


A portable toilet is necessary for anyone who wants to maintain basic hygiene while on a camping or caravan trip. Portable toilets provide a convenient and hygienic way to dispose waste without relying on public restrooms or other unsanitary options.

Portable toilets come in various styles and capacities, with options for composting and flushing toilets. When choosing a portable toilet, consider factors such as size, capacity, and ease of use. A portable toilet will ensure you have a safe and suitable way to dispose of waste while on a camping or caravan trip.

Waste Water Tank

Holidaying in your caravan can be a fantastic way to explore Australia, and you must remember good waste disposal. A waste water tank is essential for an effective and responsible approach. When selecting a waste water tank, there are a variety of options to choose from — size and capacity will be major factors – either portable or wall mounted.

Grey water tanks store sunk showers and other greywater runoff from your engine, washing machines, or refrigerators.

Maps & GPS

If you're planning a camping or caravan trip and want to explore new areas, maps and GPS are essential accessories. Of course, there's always the traditional paper map, which provides a great visual representation of the area you plan to visit.

But if you want to experience smooth navigation, satellite-strengthened GPS devices give you exact information about your current location and suggest helpful next steps.

When choosing between maps and GPS products for your adventures, be mindful of their coverage area concerning your route and how user-friendly and accurate they are.

Assuredly having these accessories increases your technical edge on the road, giving heedless confidence that you will always dig up exact routes while exploring daring locations during your super exciting caravan excursions.

Fire Extinguisher

Any adventurous traveller looking to protect what matters most should keep a fire extinguisher on board their vehicle or caravan. Fire extinguishers come in various sizes and types, including powder, foam, and CO2 devices, so choose one that is appropriate for your fire risk level.

Consider the size, weight, compatibility with various fires, and cost when deciding which type to use. After that, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're prepared for an emergency, no matter how far away from home.

Towing Mirror

Towing mirrors improve visibility to the sides and rear of the vehicle and in many states are a requirement when towing. Towing mirrors are available in various sizes and designs and can be manual or power-adjustable, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle's needs.

Consider the size of the mirror, its compatibility with your vehicle, and adjustability features before deciding which towing mirrors are best for your setup. Installing these one-time-use items during a caravan trip will ensure maximum safety. Towing mirrors allows you to drive confidently, knowing you have improved visibility on every trip.

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit is essential! It's the perfect way to ensure you're prepared for an emergency, whether it is to help with a cut or something more serious. Your kit should include all the basics, such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and scissors.

As you're choosing your first aid kit, keep your particular needs in mind – several people travelling, any special medical needs? Having a well-supplied stock before taking off on your caravan journey will be incredibly beneficial, whether it's a minor injury or emergency that comes up while travelling; with the right items in your first aid kit, you can ensure an effective response.

Pet Accessories

Pet accessories provide essential items to keep your pets comfortable, safe, and entertained if you are going on a road trip with your four-legged friends. Food and water bowls are the most basic commodities to make the journey more enjoyable.

Leashes also help you keep your animals confined and secure when necessary. When you include amenities such as beds and toys, you provide practical assistance and entertainment during the drive.

When choosing pet accessories for camping or caravan adventures, consider size, weight, and durability; having the right equipment aboard will make travel easier for everyone.

To wrap up, no matter where your next camping or caravan trip takes you, these essential items will ensure you're prepared for anything. From fire extinguishers to pet accessories, having the right gear can help ensure a pleasant and safe journey for everyone involved.

Research what equipment is necessary for your particular needs and plan accordingly. You can enjoy stress-free traveling with the right preparation and supplies.

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