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A Guide to Snow Camping: Our Best Tents and Sleeping Bags for Winter

May 18, 2023
A Guide to Snow Camping: Our Best Tents and Sleeping Bags for Winter

Pristine white landscapes… Fresh and invigorating air… These are the distinct allures that call adventurers like you to go camping in the snow. But the very important question is, are you geared up with the best shelters to keep up with the cold?

Don’t worry, we understand that staying warm and dry is essential for a safe and memorable winter experience. When exploring the snowy outdoors, having a trustworthy waterproof shelter is really necessary.

So, don’t go elsewhere - we will look at the best camping shelters for your winter adventures, which will protect you and provide you with a cosy retreat.

Top-Notch Qualities to Look for in Shelters for Camping in the Snow

When looking for the ideal shelter, there are a few important qualities you should consider:

Weatherproof Construction

When looking for a winter waterproof shelter, it's important to prioritise weatherproof construction. Look for shelters made of high-quality materials that can withstand heavy snowfall, rain, and strong winds, such as durable nylon or polyester. Seam-sealed designs are especially important because they prevent water from seeping through the stitching and compromising the integrity of your shelter.

Simple Setup and Portability

An easy to carry and quick shelter setup are essential. Look for shelters with a user-friendly design and simple assembly instructions. With poles, simple clips, and lightweight materials make setup easy, saving you time and effort.

Ventilation and Condensation Control

While keeping water out is essential, proper ventilation is also a top priority. Look for waterproof shelters with well-designed ventilation systems to keep condensation at bay. Adequate airflow not only reduces moisture inside the shelter, but also prevents the formation of unpleasant odours and mould. Look for shelters with mesh windows, vents, or adjustable rain flys, which allow you to strike a balance between ventilation and weather protection.

Longevity and Durability

It is a wise decision to invest in a waterproof shelter that will stand the test of time. The best winter shelters should be long-lasting and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Durability is indicated by reinforced stitching, strong zippers, and sturdy poles.

Heat Retention and Insulation

Keeping warm in the dead of winter is critical for your safety and comfort. The best winter waterproof shelters will have adequate insulation and heat retention properties.

Seek out shelters that have insulating layers or thermal materials to prevent heat loss and keep the interior warm. Some shelters also have reflective linings that help trap body heat, keeping you warm even in cold temperatures.


Finally, think about how much the shelter will cost. Don't be reluctant to spend a little bit extra to buy reliable, long-lasting products to ensure you're getting the most for your money.

How to Camp in the Snow

Camping in the snow presents its own set of challenges and considerations, so here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your winter camping trip.

1. Bring Tent and Sleeping Bag

The most important thing to remember when camping in the snow is to stay warm and dry. A decent camping tent and sleeping bag are required for winter camping. Look for a waterproof and windproof tent, as well as a sleeping bag with a warmth rating adequate for the temps you'll be camping in.

2. Layer Your Clothing

Begin with a base layer meant to keep you warm and dry, and then layer on more clothing as needed. Keep lots of winter hats, gloves, and scarves on hand to keep your head and hands warm.

3. Keep Your Food and Beverages from Freezing

Bring an insulated container if possible to keep them from freezing. If not, you'll need to store your food in airtight containers and keep them close to you to avoid freezing.

4. Bring a Shovel and Axe to Aid in Snow Removal and Firewood Cutting

It's also a good idea to bring some extra wood with you because firewood is essential for keeping you warm at night. Find a wind-sheltered location and create your fire there if possible.

5. Finally, Arrange Your Trip and Notify Someone of Your Destination

Informing someone about your intended destination, whether it's a friend, family member, or park ranger, is a basic safety precaution. Sharing information such as your camping location, expected duration, and planned routes can be extremely useful in the event of an emergency.

Worth Picking Waterproof Shelters for Camping in the Snow

We have outlined here a few waterproof shelters that are well worth considering for your winter adventures. These shelters have been carefully selected for their exceptional features, outstanding performance, and comfort they provide.

Whether you’re camping in the snow in VIC or NSW, these make them worthwhile investments for you looking for the perfect winter refuge. Let's take a look at these top picks and see what makes them stand out!

Shelters in the Form of Hammocks

Hammock shelters designed for cold weather camping are an excellent option for winter explorers who enjoy the unique experience of sleeping off the ground.


You can pitch a waterproof tarp to keep you dry and place a sleeping pad that provides insulation beneath the hammock to keep the cold out. Hammock shelters are versatile and can be quickly set up in a variety of terrain, allowing you to sleep comfortably suspended amidst the frigid temperatures.

Sleeping Bags for Snow Camping

They’re an excellent choice for winter hiking or mountaineering. These waterproof, breathable shelters are essentially sleeping bag covers that keep you warm while protecting you from the elements. They're lightweight and packable, making them ideal for solo trips or when travelling in a small group.


Get Wrapped in Comfort

When it comes to camping in the winter, comfort becomes even more important. A high-quality camping sleeping bag is designed to provide optimal insulation, keeping you warm and cosy throughout the night. These bags are frequently insulated with materials such as down or synthetic fibres, which trap your body heat and create a snug environment. So, no matter how cold it gets outside, you can sleep peacefully wrapped in the warmth of your sleeping bag.

Stay Protected from the Elements

Winter camping brings unpredictability in the form of snow, rain, and strong winds. A credible camping sleeping bag serves as an extra layer between you and the elements, providing you necessary protection. Look for a bag with a tough, waterproof outer shell that keeps moisture out, so you don't wake up to a wet, uncomfortable sleeping surface.

Standout Brands and Snow Camping Shelters to Look Out for in 2023

Weisshorn has a selection of outdoor necessities designed for winter camping. We'll talk about why Weisshorn products are important and how they can improve your winter camping experience by keeping you warm, safe, and ready to embrace the wintry outdoors.

Insulated Sleeping Bags

Staying warm on icy nights is essential for an enjoyable winter camping trip. The insulated sleeping bags from Weisshorn are designed to provide exceptional warmth and comfort.


These sleeping bags use advanced insulation materials to trap body heat and create a cosy cocoon for a restful night's sleep. Weisshorn sleeping bags are a must-have for any winter camper, whether you're braving cold temperatures or just looking for extra warmth.

Camping Sleeping Mats

Don't let the cold ground dampen your enthusiasm for camping. The camping sleeping mats from Weisshorn are designed to insulate and cushion against the cold, frozen ground. These cutting-edge products form a barrier between your body and the ground, preventing heat loss and increasing comfort. You can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the winter adventures that await with Weisshorn's sleeping mats.


Camping Swags

Weisshorn offers a variety of camping swags to make the most of your winter camping trip. Here is a comparison of the top winter camping swags on the market.

Single Camping Swags

Camping in the cold is ideal for a single swag. With components intended to keep you dry and warm, you may take part in outdoor activities without being concerned about the weather.


The swag is simple to use and has heavy-duty zippers and spreader poles made of sturdy metal. You can be certain that you will get the air circulation you need when camping with the fully rollable canvas and mesh. So, a single camping swag is the best option if you're seeking a cosy and useful way to camp in the winter.

Double Camping Swags

When you want to share a shelter while outside with friends or a couple, a double swag tent is a convenient and comfortable option for you.


The accompanying thick mattress offers a restful night's sleep, while the higher floor edge stops dew from seeping in.

Additionally, they are convenient to use and comfy to sleep in because of their sturdy zippers and breathable inner fabric. The outside canvas and mesh may also be entirely rolled up for easy storage when not in use, capping off the design. For all of your winter camping needs, choose double camping swags!

King Single Camping Swags

All of your winter camping needs may be met with this gear. This swag is the perfect shelter for keeping you warm and dry in the cold weather because it is constructed with 14oz 400GSM water repellent ripstop canvas, 500GSM PVC waterproof floor, 10cm extra high floor edge to prevent dew leak in, and pre-curved 7001-6T aluminium poles.


The swag has strong zips, a top flap and mesh that can be fully zipped down, and a breathable inner fabric to keep you dry. The King Single Camping Swag also has a mesh door for enhanced ventilation.

You can read more about how to select the best winter swags here.

Check Out Mountview Products

Winter campers can check out Mountview products. Their extensive collection of camping goods and equipment may increase the fun of your camping in the snow while also keeping you safe and warm during the winter. Be sure to look at the selection of things Mountview has to offer if you're planning on doing some winter camping.

Mountview offers a variety of sleeping bags, tents, and self-inflating items that can keep you comfortable during the chilly winter months. There is a sleeping bag to suit your winter camping needs among their variety of sizes and thicknesses. Also, the lightweight, strong construction of Mountview tents makes them perfect for use on your winter camping trips.

Get the Best Gear for Camping in the Snow Only at Everything Caravan & Camping

Winter offers you an incredible opportunity to experience nature in a unique and awe-inspiring way. However, without proper shelter, the cold and wet conditions can be difficult. Investing in camping tents and sleeping bags designed specifically for winter use is an absolute must-have. Stay warm, dry, and enjoy winter's wonders by selecting the best shelters for winter for your needs at Everything Caravan & Camping!

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