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A Community Story

March 04, 2022
A Community Story

We have a special treat for everyone from one of our Facebook members of the Everything Caravan and Camping Community. Christine Blackley takes us down memory lane, sharing her camping memories from over the years and how a medical illness changed the meaning of camping for her.

Christine grew up on a farm where, unfortunately, many family holidays did not exist. However, today she is sharing two childhood memories that are dear to her heart.

Her first time camping was when she was about eight years old along the Goulburn River just out of Seymour. Goulburn River is Victoria's longest river spanning 654 kilometres and with numerous sites along the river that are important to the local Wiradjuri Aboriginal people. Christine remembers pitching a tent with no floors and, as a result, all the leaves blew in from underneath. She has returned to the campsite several times with her three children as babies. Christine says it can be 'hard at times, but they grow up, and the fun begins, great memories are made from our fun times and adventures.'


One of Christine's favourite memories is when a cousin from New Zealand visited, and they travelled down to Rosebud, Victoria, for a couple of days. Rosebud, named after a famous local shipwreck, is best known for the campground on the foreshore that has been a holiday favourite for generations of family.


More recently, Christine's travelling journey has changed over the last few years with a different meaning assigned to camping. After Christine's husband was diagnosed with terminal stage four lung/brain cancer, it all changed. Since then, Christine and her family have been on several camping holidays to see what our beautiful country has to offer.


Christine tells the community, "lucky for us a match with amazing medicine is keeping things under control with my husband and he is fit so we can do plenty while away and I have now done many kms driving and towing as I am the only driver. But we get there as a family with ups and downs but certainly the best part is making memories for the children."


We thank Christine for sharing her memories with the Everything Caravan and Camping Community. We wish her safe travels as she continues to camp around Australia with her family.


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