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8 Camping & Caravan Trends for 2022

January 25, 2022
8 Camping & Caravan Trends for 2022

With warm weather across the entire country, Australians are now more than ever seeking ways to get out and enjoy the fresh air in the great outdoors. We are going to take a look at the biggest camping trends that are on our radar for 2022.


If you haven’t already heard about glamping, it stands for “glamorous camping”. This is the perfect blend of nature and luxury as it requires very little sacrifice of the comforts of home. Glamping covers many different accommodation experiences, including villas, tents, domes, cabins, lodges, and treehouses. When glamping, you require very little gear as there is no setup or pack up, breakfast is often served in bed, various accessible power outlets are available, and you sleep in a comfortable bed at night whilst you enjoy the starry sky.


Tech over traditional

Younger consumers who have been brought up with technology love bringing new gadgets to the outdoors to make their experience more enjoyable. This is a step away from the minimalist approach of just bringing a tent, a knife, and some food. Some of our top trending technology camping finds for 2022 include:

Solar generator panels - to keep your laptop, power banks, phones, and drones charged. Portable mosquito repellants - these are ultrasonic repellents that have no flame, scent and are highly effective in repelling mosquitoes Satellite phones - use satellites for communication instead of terrestrial lines and gives coverage where a regular mobile phone would struggle to. Water purifier bottles - these are great if you're afraid of running out of water and can use them to remove contaminants from your nearest water source. You can check out the latest tech at


Adventurous activities

Campers are looking to add more excitement to their trips by doing adventure activities. The biggest trend for 2022 is heading in the direction of kayaking, paddle boarding, and rock climbing. Kayaking is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature. We recommend exploring the Cape Byron Marine Park (NSW) and Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve (NSW) for some great kayaking experiences.


Increased diversity at campgrounds

It's fantastic to see that more and more people recognise that camping and caravans aren't limited to certain types of people. People are starting to feel more comfortable joining the camping experience regardless of their background or ethnicity. Campers are often recognised as the friendliest people - let's make sure we keep that true, people of Everything Caravan and Camping! Experienced campers keep helping out the newcomers to continue to grow our great community.


Eco-Friendly camping

We campers have a great appreciation for mother nature, and it shows in the growth of individuals living more eco-friendly and sustainably. The biggest recent trend has been to explore the gems located only a couple of hours from our doorstep. This reduces our carbon footprint with fewer CO2 emissions en route. Campers are also starting to power their trip with solar panels to harness the sun's renewable energy rather than noisy generators or electric hookups. Some of our tips for 2022 to stay eco-friendly include: Conserve your water supply. Ditch plastic cutlery. Be considerate with your campfire. Recycle your rubbish.


Health over convenience

Our society is more conscious of their nutrition as we are starting to get more educated about healthier options. It's important to fuel your body with nutritious snacks and meals rather than scoffing down fatty processed foods. We recommend meals heavy in proteins and veggies. The decision for these meals starts before you head out on your trip and must be planned. We recommend some healthier snacks such as: trail mixes, hummus, beef jerky, fruits, and veggies. There is some great cooking equipment at



Treehouses have always been a childhood dream for most of us, and now they are actually a thing in Australia! They are not like what we would have imagined when we were younger as they are a lot more beautiful, luxurious and extravagant. There are several treehouses in NSW, Australia, that we recommend you check out, including in the Blue Mountains, Royal National Park, and Byron Bay, in addition to Mid North Coast Australia.


Music Festival Style Camping

A lot of our youth are starting to experience their first time camping at music festivals. Music festivals have evolved over the years to allow the opportunity to camp on-site and enjoy the ground. Some even offer specific campgrounds and RV Areas. This is a different kind of experience full of live music, friends, and a long day of dancing!

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