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5 Tips to Pack Like a Pro for Your Next Road Trip

January 31, 2022
5 Tips to Pack Like a Pro for Your Next Road Trip

After spending months in lockdown and meticulously planning all the places you will travel to, there is one last thing standing in your way: packing.

Packing can be stressful, and preparation is the key difference between a harried vacation with countless detours to local shops for forgotten items instead of an enjoyable and fun trip. We’re here to help ensure you enjoy your well-deserved break.

Here are our top 5 tips before you get behind the wheel and hit the road!

Tip 1 - Choose the right suitcase

There are two things to consider before you choose which suitcase to bring on your next adventure: the items you plan to bring and the space of your vehicle. If you are bringing important valuables on this trip and want maximum protection, your best option is a hard shell suitcase. A hard shell suitcase will protect these special items from damage, bad weather, and those hard bumps in the outback. However, if you are bringing the norm like comfy shorts, tracksuit pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and undergarments, a duffel bag should do just fine. The biggest benefit of duffel bags is that they help preserve space in a small vehicle and can easily be squished for more room.


Tip 2: Pack an emergency first aid kit

A road trip is fun and full of adventures until someone gets hurt and you’re kilometres away from the nearest medical centre. A first aid kit is essential in emergencies, and we recommend buying a pre-prepared first aid kit or putting together your own. Make the kit easily accessible in emergencies by keeping it in a place like under the front passenger seat. Your kit should include the following: Bandages - for scrapes, cuts, and blisters Alcohol swabs - to clean any wounds or sterilise any medical equipment Medical tape - to secure bandages and secure wounds Tweezers - to remove dirt, splints, and debris from wounds Disposable gloves - to treat a person with an infection Essential medications - for pain relief, fever, upset stomachs, diarrhea, heartburns, and allergic reactions


Tip 3: Pack a good supply of road trip snacks

No road trip is complete without some essential snacks to keep the party going! We recommend you keep your snacks in an esky or fridge to keep them fresh. Ensure you have some bottled water, hand sanitiser, and cutlery before you dig in. Here is a combination of our favourite snacks: Oatmeal Bars Popcorn Nut trail mix Rice crackers and dip Fruit salad Chocolate cookies Carrot and celery sticks Basic Banana Muffins Cheese and crackers


Tip 4: Give your car the once over

A long drive puts strain on your car's mechanicals, and checking it's vitals is essential before you head off on your journey. Some essentials we recommended: Check your car tyres - check your tyre pressure and look for any excessive wear and nail punctures. Check under your bonnet - check the engine oil, coolant and windscreen washer reservoir Understand your vehicle's towing capacity - check the chains, couplings, sway bars, shackles, and lights Check the brakes - ensure no squealing noises occur when hitting the brakes Ensure all car lights and indicators are working - park the car and turn on each function Clean your windscreen - wipe down any dirt and road grime to have a clear view of the road Ensure your insurance is in check - we recommend getting comprehensive car insurance


Tip 5: Pack your car the day before your journey

Running around and packing last-minute items the morning before your journey is a stressful experience we all have had. Instead, pack the day before with a checklist of all the items you need to bring on your road trip. This will make packing a leisurely experience and give you all the time you need, so you don't forget anything. You will hop in the car cheerfully the next morning because you are ready to go with a good cup of coffee!


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Happy travels from the team at Everything Caravan & Camping.

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